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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this section will answer a few of the commonly asked questions we encounter on a day to day basis. We are sure we have missed some of them, but since this web page is for you we welcome your input.

General Questions

How do we obtain a CV on a physician in which we have an interest?

It is necessary to enter into a contingency agreement to protect PPI, once the agreement is executed we will forward the CV.

Am I obligated in any way when I execute the agreement?

Only if you contract with the physician candidate.

Where is the opportunity for which you are seeking a physician?

Because we are contracted with the client we cannot divulge that information until we present your CV and the client expresses an interest.

What are your rates?

Rates vary based on the type of assignment and the nature of the practice. The rates will be reflected in the contingency contract.

How is the malpractice handled?

The malpractice is provided on behalf of the physician on all locum tenens assignments.

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