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2022 OB/GYN Residency MD is seeking a position in NC, SC or GA

by Amanda Duncan
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2022 OB/GYN Residency MD is seeking a position in NC, SC or GA

This 2022 OB/GYN residency graduate grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and would like to return to the metro areas of NC, SC, or GA.  Candidate is seeking an employed position in a hospital or private practice. The candidate is seeking a work/life balance in the metro areas and will be available in late August or September, 2022.  Their board exam is scheduled for July 2022.  Fluent in Spanish.   

A quote from their cover letter:

“I desire to serve as a generalist obstetrician-gynecologist because it will allow me to employ the broadest set of skills across numerous practice settings and patient populations. Because of my training, I possess comfort with and technical experience in the diagnosis and management of both routine women’s care and complex, acute pathology. In practice, I plan to build upon my existing foundation of low- and high-risk obstetrics, operative vaginal delivery, robotics, traditional laparoscopy, open surgery, and office obstetrics and gynecology. The diverse patient population encountered in my training provided invaluable exposure to women’s health viewed through the varied lenses of language, culture, race/ethnicity, and resource. I will end training eager to mature as an obstetrician-gynecologist to further my goal of providing excellent care for the women in my community. Direct, open, and inclusive communication is my strongest attribute as a physician; I am known among my peers for the rapport I establish with patients, colleagues, and learners alike. I thrive in team settings, but I function effectively with autonomy. Personal, professional, and educational pursuits across the United States and abroad have taught me to be adaptive and resourceful. Formal training and practice in public health allow me to advocate for women outside of the clinic in the form of health policy, quality improvement initiatives, community outreach, and research.”  

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