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We invite you to consider this Vascular Fellow candidate for a 2021 position!

by Amanda Duncan
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We invite you to consider this Vascular Fellow candidate for a 2021 position!

This BC General Surgeon completed his GS residency in 2019 and will complete his VS fellowship in 2021.  .  His fiancé is from New Orleans and currently enrolled in a VS fellowship at another location in the southeast.  They wish to consider larger metro areas such as Atlanta and New Orleans.  They understand bringing on two Vascular Surgeons within a one to two year period in the same community will be challenging.  Therefore, the larger the community the better.  They do not expect to work together.

He wrote the following narrative,

“I believe I am well prepared to enter practice. My training has been a tremendous mix of high case volumes, quaternary level complexity, and significant autonomy. In my residency training, I was first exposed to complex aortic cases.  This experience cemented my desire to pursue Vascular Surgery as I saw a field which offered lifelong learning with regards to new techniques and devices. My fellowship training has truly given me an excellent exposure to cutting edge devices and techniques. I currently have experience working with T-Branch, P-Branch, TAMBE, laser fenestration, and custom fenestrated and branched devices. Despite this advanced endovascular exposure, I will perform approximately 50 open aortic surgeries during my training including multiple thoraco-mesenteric and thoraco-femoral bypasses. This complex exposure includes significant time in case planning and post-operative management. My fellowship has also offered training in a high volume private practice setting with a group of 7 high volume vascular surgeons. This experience has given me a very well-rounded vascular experience which is not offered in many training programs. I truly believe these two experiences have prepared me to enter any practice with the ability to excel early with a high case volume and complexity.

My fiancé is currently a first-year vascular surgery fellow. We wish to relocate to a large metropolitan area to facilitate the development of two careers in vascular surgery. I am originally from Macon, Georgia and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia. A position in Atlanta or New Orleans would allow us to move closer to family and develop both of our careers.”

Reference: SA-9/29/2020-LP

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